About Our Homeschool Program

Ventura Charter School also serves homeschool families with students in grades K-5. Our Homeschool Program is a natural extension of our child-centered philosophy, which recognizes parents as partners in the educational process. Families who choose to homeschool with Ventura Charter School have a unique opportunity to both learn at home and to be a part of a nurturing school community which offers group classes and field trips.


Our Homeschool Program embraces the wide differences in student learning styles, abilities, and interests that are often difficult to accommodate in a traditional school setting. Additionally, parents are given access to a wide-variety of instructional materials that are individually selected, as well as an opportunity to meet with a credentialed teacher on a regular basis to discuss curriculum, choose assignments, brainstorm ideas, and review student work.



Please contact our Kristen Moreno, our Enrollment Coordinator, at (805) 256-1454 or at [email protected] for more information on the program, enrollment procedures, and whether our public Homeschool Program would be an appropriate option to meet your child's educational needs.


K-5 Homeschool Contact:
Kristen Moreno - Homeschool Coordinator
(805) 256-1454 or [email protected]