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Ventura Charter School of Arts & Global Education

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Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Our Mission

As a progressive school, we educate the "whole child" by addressing the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of K-8 students. We enable students to flourish through the use of innovative curriculum and instruction that empowers them to reach their innate intellectual, creative, and leadership potentials.

Research shows that the best way to improve the quality of public education is to invest in our teachers. At Ventura Charter School, we believe that decisions should be made where the work is done.  That means giving our highly qualified teachers the freedom and autonomy necessary to create an engaging learning environment for their students.  We offer a supportive culture of collegiality, inquiry, and collaboration which allows teachers to innovate and develop as professionals.  With this freedom, they hold themselves accountable to high standards and positive student outcomes.  Our award winning teachers work hard to make a difference in the lives of their students and in our future.


I'm very impressed with the level of academic curiosity and maturity that the VCS students possess.  They speak their minds in class and they have great relationships with the adults on campus.  Your program inspires kids to understand the "why" versus the "what" of education. --Jason Dinkler, Foothill Technology High School Teacher


Children construct their intelligence and understanding of the world by interacting with materials, people, and ideas.--Jean Piaget