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Parent Advisory Committee


The Parent Advisory Committee or "PAC" was formed to serve parents and guardians of Ventura Charter School. The PAC facilitates communication between parents, teachers, and the Board of Directors. Meetings are held on a monthly basis.   Parents who serve on the Committee commit to attending meetings each month to ensure continuity, however, all parents are invited and encouraged to attend since parental involvement is essential to the success of our students.

The PAC has the following responsibilities.

  • Serve as a forum for discussion on matters of school organization and culture.
  • Come to consensus on policy recommendations to the VCS Board of Directors.
  • Act as a communication channel between parents and other groups, both within and outside of the school community.
  • Coordinate and sponsor committees that enhance the school and contribute to fulfilling the School's mission.
  • Coordinate fundraising activities.
  • Oversee, along with the Director of Operations, the allocation of funds raised.
  • Report to the Board. There is a parent representative responsible for attending Board meetings and acting as the official PAC liaison to the Board.

What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must be what the community wants for all its children.-- John Dewey